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Think No Evil
Korean Values in the Age of Globalization
C. Fred Alford
In this investigation of the contemporary notion of evil, C. Fred Alford asks what we can learn about this concept, and about ourselves, by examining a society where it is unknown—where language contains no word that equates to the English term...

Aquinas's Moral Theory
Essays in Honor of Norman Kretzmann
Aquinas's discussions of moral issues are extensive, and range well beyond the narrowly defined set of issues in the modern tradition of moral philosophy. This volume explores the ethical dimensions of a wide selection of philosophical and theological...

Platonic Ethics, Old and New
Julia Annas
Julia Annas here offers a fundamental reexamination of Plato's ethical thought by investigating the Middle Platonist perspective, which emerged at the end of Plato's own school, the...

Descartes's Moral Theory
John Marshall
Most Cartesian scholars focus on the metaphysical and epistemological aspects of the philosopher's texts. In this long awaited volume, John Marshall invites us to reconsider René Descartes as an ethicist. Through an unconventional study of his...

Nietzsche's Conscience
Six Character Studies from the "Genealogy"
Aaron Ridley
Aaron Ridley explores Nietzsche's mature ethical thought as expressed in his masterpiece, arranging his book thematically around the six characters who loom largest in that work—slave, priest, philosopher, artist, scientist, and noble.

Masculinity and Morality
Larry May
"In this set of essays on topics like pornography, rape, sexual harassment, the Citadel, and paternity, Larry May develops a distinct moral vision that rejects traditional definitions of masculinity without requiring that we cease to be men in order...

Living Ethically, Acting Politically
Melissa A. Orlie
"When social power is conceived in Foucauldian terms, it is notoriously difficult to grapple with what it means to think affirmatively about ethical-political action. Drawing upon the unlikely combination of Hannah Arendt and the early 17th-century...

What Evil Means to Us
C. Fred Alford
C. Fred Alford interviewed working people, prisoners, and college students in order to discover how people experience evil—in themselves, in others, and in the world. What people meant by evil, he found, was a profound, inchoate feeling of dread so...

In Pursuit of Privacy
Law, Ethics, and the Rise of Technology
Judith Wagner Decew
Judith Wagner DeCew provides a solid philosophical foundation for legal discussions of privacy by articulating and unifying diverse arguments on the right to privacy and on how it should be guaranteed in various contemporary contexts. Philosophers and...

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