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Justice Contained
Law and Politics in the European Union
Lisa Conant, Lisa J. Conant
In this probing analysis of the European Union's transnational legal system, Lisa Conant explores the interaction between law and politics. In particular, she challenges the widely held view that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has, through...

Toxic Exports
The Transfer of Hazardous Wastes from Rich to Poor Countries
Jennifer Clapp
Environmentalists and the governments of developing countries have lobbied intensively to halt hazardous transfers from Northern industrialized nations to the Third World, but the practice continues. Jennifer Clapp addresses this alarming...

The Ethics of Destruction
Norms and Force in International Relations
Ward Thomas
Many assume that in international politics, and especially in war, "anything goes." Civil War general William Sherman said war "is all hell." The implication behind the maxim is that in war, as in hell, there is no order, only chaos; no mercy, only...

Governance in World Affairs
Oran R. Young
In this book Oran Young extends and generalizes his earlier work on international environmental regimes to present a comprehensive account of the current status and future prospects of regime theory as a way of thinking about governance in...

International Law and Ethnic Conflict
The breakup of the former Yugoslavia demonstrates the limitations of international law in the face of ethnic conflict. The contributors to this book examine the various roles international law and international institutions play in dealing with ethnic...

Creating Regimes
Arctic Accords and International Governance
Oran R. Young
Oran R. Young is a key participant in recent debates among international relations scholars about the dynamics of rule-making and rule-following in international society. In this book, he weaves together theoretical issues relating to the formation...

International Governance
Protecting the Environment in a Stateless Society
Oran R. Young
How can the global environment be safeguarded in the absence of a world government? In the vanguard of efforts to address this critical question, Oran R. Young draws on environmental issues to explore the nature of international governance...

Intellectual Property and US Relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand
Elisabeth Uphoff
Uphoff studies negotiations between the United States and Southeast Asian nations concerning intellectual property protection. She analyzes case studies showing how each of the ASEAN governments responded to American pressure to honor copyrights...

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