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Law and Community in Three American Towns
Carol J. Greenhouse, Barbara Yngvesson, David M. Engel
Carol J. Greenhouse, Barbara Yngvesson, and David M. Engel analyze attitudes toward the law as a way of commentating on major American myths and ongoing changes in American...

Law in the Liberal Arts
An ideal approach to legal education, in Austin Sarat's view, would open up law and legal knowledge by making them the proper objects of inquiry in the liberal...

The Law of Kinship
Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and the Family in France
Camille Robcis
In this highly original book, Camille Robcis seeks to explain why and how academic discourses on kinship have intersected and overlapped with political debates on the family—and on the nature of French republicanism...

Law's Interior
Legal and Literary Constructions of the Self
Kevin M. Crotty
In Law's Interior, Kevin M. Crotty draws on several important literary works to offer a new model of the relationship between citizens and their laws, one that emphasizes the power of law to shape citizens and to foster—or discourage—their autonomy...

The Laws of Innkeepers
For Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and Clubs
John E.H. Sherry

Lawyers' Ideals/Lawyers' Practices
Transformations in the American Legal Profession
The last two decades have brought unprecedented changes in the practice of law in America. Lawyers have been forced to evaluate self-consciously what they do and why. This collection of eight essays examines the relationship between these changes and...

Legal Naturalism
A Marxist Theory of Law
Olufemi Taiwo
Legal Naturalism advances a clear and convincing case that Marx's theory of law is a form of natural law...

Legally Wed
Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution
Mark Strasser
Mark Strasser examines the issue of same-sex marriage in light of contemporary constitutional and domestic relations law, showing why the usual arguments against recognizing such unions are either weak or...

Lovesick Japan
Sex * Marriage * Romance * Law
Mark D. West
Exploring the legal perspective on love, sex, and marriage—and their complications—in contemporary Japan.

Making All the Difference
Inclusion, Exclusion, and American Law
Martha Minow
Martha Minow takes a hard look at the way our legal system functions in dealing with people on the basis of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and disability.

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