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From Where I Sit
Essays on Bees, Beekeeping, and Science
Mark L. Winston
A scientist before he was a beekeeper, Mark L. Winston found in his new hobby a paradigm for understanding the role science should play in society. In essays originally appearing as columns in Bee Culture, the leading professional journal...

Principles of Insect Morphology
R. E. Snodgrass
This classic text, first published in 1935, is once again available. Still the standard reference in the English language, Principles of Insect Morphology is considered the author's masterpiece. A talented artist as well as one of the leading entomologists of his day, Robert E. Snodgrass produced a wealth of publications that display an...

Insects that Feed on Trees and Shrubs
Warren T. Johnson, Howard H. Lyon
This comprehensive handbook, acclaimed when it was first published in 1976 as "one of the most useful reference manuals on diagnostic entomology yet produced," has now been completely revised and expanded to reflect recent advances in technology and...

The Social Biology of Wasps
In this edited collection, 17 internationally known authorities bring together the results of recent research on the natural history, ecology, behavior, morphology, and genetics of wasps as they pertain to the evolution of social...

Anatomy of the Honey Bee
R. E. Snodgrass
This book should be in the library of every student of the honey bee and bee behavior—beekeepers (both amateur and professional) as well as...

Their Vision, Chemical Senses, and Language
Karl von von Frisch
Now back in print after more than two decades, this classic and still-accurate account of the behavior patterns and sensory capacities of the honeybee remains a book "written with a simplicity, directness, and charm . . . ."--Yale Review

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