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Spirits and Clocks
Machine and Organism in Descartes
Dennis Des Chene, Dennis Des Chene
Although the basis of modern biology is Cartesian, Descartes's theories of biology have been more often ridiculed than studied. Yet, Dennis Des Chene demonstrates, the themes, arguments, and vocabulary of his mechanistic biology pervade the...

Evolution, Second Edition
Colin Patterson
Introducing the latest ideas on how life originated and diversified on earth, this new edition of a classic work provides a concise and engaging summary of modern evolutionary theory. The heavily illustrated book is intended for readers with little or...

Plant-Parasitic Nematodes
A Pictorial Key to Genera
William Mai
Formerly titled Plant-Parasitic Nematodes: A Pictorial Key to Genera, this volume has been the standard work on plant disease around the globe. Now in its fifth edition, it remains the fundamental reference for students as well as...

The Sipuncula
Their Systematics, Biology, and Evolution
The Sipuncula, a group of ocean-dwelling worms related to annelids and mollusks, play a significant role in the bioerosion of coral reefs and are useful indicators of environmental conditions. The 155 species live in a wide variety of marine...

The Search for the Gene
Bruce Wallace
From Gregor Mendel's experiments on garden peas to the mammoth Human Genome Project of today—how did we get where we are in the science of genetics? In this intriguing book, Bruce Wallace examines the concept of the gene and recounts the history...

Origins of the Higher Groups of Tetrapods
Controversy and Consensus
This edited volume explores the various views on the origins of tetrapods—amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals—views that agree or differ depending in part on how certain fossil animals are classified and which methodology is used for classification. Eighteen chapters by an international group of paleontologists and neontologists here...

Handbook of Nature Study
Anna Botsford Comstock
A matchless handbook for decades, this classic work has been the natural history bible for countless teachers and others who seek information about their environment.

The Taming of Evolution
The Persistence of Nonevolutionary Views in the Study of Humans
Davydd Greenwood
The theory of evolution has clearly altered our views of the biological world, but in the study of human beings, evolutionary and preevolutionary views continue to coexist in a state of perpetual tension. The Taming of Evolution addresses the questions of how and why this is so. Davydd Greenwood offers a sustained critique of the nature/nurture...

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