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Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Honour of Monique Mund-Dopchie and Gilbert Tournoy
This collective volume has been dedicated to two distinguished scholars of Neo-Latin Studies. Both the rich variety of subjects dealt with and the international diversity of the contributors reflect the wide interests of the celebrated Neo-Latinists...

Humanistica Lovaniensia
Journal of Neo-Latin Studies
Volume 57

"Cui dono lepidum novum libellum?"
Dedicating Latin Works and Motets in the Sixteenth Century
This book presents an interdisciplinary study of the nature of the sixteenth-century dedication that will appeal to not only Neo-Latinists and musicologists but also historians of the book and philologists.

Humanistica Lovaniensia
Journal of Neo-Latin Studies
Volume 56

The Art of English Poesy
George Puttenham
The first modernized and fully annotated edition of Puttenham's 1589 text.

Contested Tongues
Language Politics and Cultural Correction in Ukraine
Laada Bilaniuk
During the controversial 2004 elections that led to the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, cultural and linguistic differences threatened to break apart the country. Contested Tongues explains the complex linguistic and cultural politics in a bilingual...

Humanistica Lovaniensia
Journal of Neo-Latin Studies
Volume 55

The Word Made Self
Russian Writings on Language, 1860–1930
Thomas Seifrid, Thomas J. Seifrid
When Osip Mandelstam wrote that the Russian word was "sentient and breathing flesh," he voiced one of the most powerful themes in his culture. In The Word Made Self, Thomas Seifrid explores this Russian fascination with the power of the word...

Pilipino through Self-Instruction
John U. Wolff, Maria Theresa C. Centeno, Der-Hwa V. Rau
Volume 3 in a four-volume series designed to teach Pilipino either for self-instruction or classroom use.

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