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Humanistica Lovaniensia
Journal of Neo-Latin Studies
Volume 58

Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Honour of Monique Mund-Dopchie and Gilbert Tournoy
This collective volume has been dedicated to two distinguished scholars of Neo-Latin Studies. Both the rich variety of subjects dealt with and the international diversity of the contributors reflect the wide interests of the celebrated Neo-Latinists...

Fictions of Embassy
Literature and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe
Timothy Hampton
Historians of early modern Europe have long stressed how new practices of diplomacy that emerged during the period transformed European politics. Fictions of Embassy is the first book to examine the cultural implications of the rise of modern...

Thinking through the Mothers
Reimagining Women's Biographies
Janet Beizer
If questions of subjectivity and identification are at stake in all biographical writing, they are particularly trenchant for contemporary women biographers of women. Often, their efforts to exhume buried lives in hope of finding spiritual foremothers...

A Song of Thebes
The clarity of Joyce's translation highlights the poem's superb versification, sophisticated use of intertextuality, and bold formal experimentation and innovation. A substantial introduction and annotations make this epic accessible to students.

Surrealism and the Art of Crime
Jonathan P. Eburne
Corpses mark surrealism's path through the twentieth century, providing material evidence of the violence in modern life. Though the shifting group of poets, artists, and critics who made up the surrealist movement were witness to total war...

Metropolis on the Styx
The Underworlds of Modern Urban Culture, 1800–2001
David L. Pike
In Metropolis on the Styx, David L. Pike considers how underground spaces and their many myths have organized ways of seeing, thinking about, and living in the modern city. Expanding on the cultural history of underground construction in his...

Dirt for Art's Sake
Books on Trial from "Madame Bovary" to "Lolita"
Elisabeth Ladenson
Ladenson recounts the most visible of modern obscenity trials involving scandalous books and their authors.

The Self in Moral Space
Life Narrative and the Good
David Parker
All of us take our moral bearings from a conception of the good, or a range of goods, that we consider most important. We are in this sense selves in moral space. Building on the work of the philosopher Charles Taylor, among others, David...

The Iron Whim
A Fragmented History of Typewriting
Darren Wershler-Henry
The Iron Whim is an intelligent, irreverent, and humorous history of writing culture and technology. It covers the early history and evolution of the typewriter as well as the various attempts over the years to change the keyboard configuration, but...

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