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Singers, Heroes, and Gods in the "Odyssey"
Charles Segal
One of the special charms of the Odyssey, according to Charles Segal, is the way it transports readers to fascinating places. Yet despite the appeal of its narrative, the Odyssey is fully understood only when its style, design, and mythical...

Reading Sumerian Poetry
Jeremy Black
An international authority on Sumerian culture, Jeremy Black here provides an introduction to the world's oldest poetry. Sumer, in southern Iraq, was the first literate culture in civilization, dating as far back as 2500 b.c. Its literature, which is...

The "Odyssey" Re-formed
Frederick Ahl, Hannah M. Roisman, Hanna M. Roisman
Frederick Ahl and Hanna M. Roisman offer a challenging new reading of the Odyssey that is directed to the general student of literature as well as to the...

Hesiod and Aeschylus
Friedrich Solmsen
This book, first published in 1949, has long been recognized as the standard work on Hesiod's influence on other Athenian poets, particularly...

A Study of Sophoclean Drama
G. M. Kirkwood
This book shows how Sophocles' method of presenting character, his unique handling of myth, his predilection for presenting ideas by comparison and contrast, and his principles of structure are so closely related that they serve to clarify each other.

Lucan's great poem, Pharsalia, recounts events surrounding the decisive battle fought near Pharsalus in 48 B.C. during the civil war between the forces of Pompey and Julius Caesar. Though the subject of this unfinished masterpiece is historical...

The Formation of Hell
Death and Retribution in the Ancient and Early Christian Worlds
Alan E. Bernstein
"An absorbing history."—Washington Post Book World

An Anthropology of Reading in Ancient Greece
Jesper Svenbro
First published in French in 1988, this extraordinary book traces the meaning and function of reading from its very beginnings in Greek oral culture through the development of silent reading. One of the most haunting early examples of...

Metamorphoses of Helen
Authority, Difference, and the Epic
Mihoko Suzuki
Mihoko Suzuki sheds light on a literary tradition that seemingly holds Helen of Troy and her descendants responsible for causing epic conflicts, while it appropriates the woman's perspective as a source of insight and poetic power. "A superb study...

Greek Mythology and Poetics
Gregory Nagy
Gregory Nagy here provides a far-reaching assessment of the relationship between myth and ritual in ancient Greek society. Nagy illuminates in particular the forces of interaction and change that transformed the Indo-European linguistic and cultural...

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