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Moral Victories
How Activists Provoke Multilateral Action
Susan Burgerman, Susan D. Burgerman
In the 1980s, security forces and paramilitary organizations killed, abducted, or tortured an estimated 80,000 Salvadoran citizens. During this period, the government of Guatemala was responsible for the death or disappearance of more than...

Picturing Tropical Nature
Nancy Leys Stepan
Whether as sublime landscape, malignant wilderness, or a site for environmental conflicts and eco-tourism, tropical nature is to a great extent an American and European imaginative construct, conveyed in literature, travel writing, drawings...

Inside the Revolution
Everyday Life in Socialist Cuba
Mona Rosendahl
The first ethnographic study of life in Cuba to emerge in over twenty years, Inside the Revolution offers a rare, close view of how socialist ideology translates into everyday experience in one Cuban municipality. Mona Rosendahl draws on eighteen...

Power, Opposition, and Play in the Caribbean
Richard D.E. Burton, Richard D. E. Burton
This wide-ranging book explores the origins, development, and character of Afro-Caribbean cultures from the slave period to the present day. Richard D. E. Burton focuses on ways in which African traditions—including those in religion, music...

"The Hour of Eugenics"
Race, Gender, and Nation in Latin America
Nancy Leys Stepan
Examining for the first time how eugenics was taken up by scientists and social reformers in Latin America, Nancy Leys Stepan compares the eugenics movements in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina with the more familiar cases of Britain, the United States, and...

Testing the Chains
Resistance to Slavery in the British West Indies
Michael Craton

Peyote Hunt
The Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians
Barbara G. Myerhoff
"RamĂłn Medina Silva, a Huichol Indian shaman priest or mara'akame, instructed me in many of his culture's myths, rituals, and symbols, particularly those pertaining to the sacred untiy of deer, maize, and peyote. The significance of this constellation...

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