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The Unfinished Enlightenment
Description in the Age of the Encyclopedia
Joanna Stalnaker
In The Unfinished Enlightenment, Joanna Stalnaker offers a fresh look at the French Enlightenment by focusing on the era's vast, collective attempt to compile an ongoing and provisional description of the world.

Citizen Bachelors
Manhood and the Creation of the United States
John Gilbert McCurdy
In 1755 Benjamin Franklin observed "a man without a wife is but half a man" and since then historians have taken Franklin at his word. In Citizen Bachelors, John Gilbert McCurdy demonstrates that Franklin's comment was only one side of a much larger...

Children Bound to Labor
The Pauper Apprentice System in Early America
The history of early America cannot be told without considering unfree labor. At the center of this history are African and Native American adults forced into slavery; the children born to these unfree persons usually inherited their parents' status...

Giambattista Vico: Keys to the "New Science"
Translations, Commentaries, and Essays
Giambattista Vico
Brings together in one volume translations, commentaries, and essays that illuminate the background of Giambattista Vico's major work.

The Punished Self
Surviving Slavery in the Colonial South
Alex Bontemps
The Punished Self describes enslavement in the American South during the eighteenth century as a systematic assault on Blacks' sense of self.

The Family and the Nation
Gender and Citizenship in Revolutionary France, 1789–1830
Jennifer Ngaire Heuer
The French Revolution transformed the nation's—and eventually the world's—thinking about citizenship, nationality, and gender roles. At the same time, it created fundamental contradictions between citizenship and family as women acquired new...

The Political Economy of Virtue
Luxury, Patriotism, and the Origins of the French Revolution
John Shovlin
Political economy, John Shovlin asserts, can illuminate the social and economic contexts out of which a revolutionary impulse developed in France. Beyond the role of political economy in political life, massive public engagement with problems of...

The Mirror of Antiquity
American Women and the Classical Tradition, 1750–1900
Caroline Winterer
In The Mirror of Antiquity, Caroline Winterer uncovers the lost world of American women's classicism during its glory days from the eighteenth through the nineteenth...

Infamous Commerce
Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture
Laura J. Rosenthal
Laura J. Rosenthal uses literary and historical sources to explore the meaning of prostitution from the Restoration through the eighteenth...

Fatal Desire
Women, Sexuality, and the English Stage, 1660–1720
Jean I. Marsden, Jean Marsden
Informed by film theory and a broad historical approach, Fatal Desire examines the theatrical representation of women in England, from the Restoration to the early eighteenth century—a period when for the first time female actors could perform...

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