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Hijacked Justice
Dealing with the Past in the Balkans
Jelena Subotic, Jelena Subotić
Jelena Subotic traces the design, implementation, and political outcomes of institutions established to deal with the legacies of violence in the aftermath of the Yugoslav...

The Political Dynamics of Cooperation
Chad Rector
Why would states ever give up their independence to join federations? While federation can provide more wealth or security than self-sufficiency, states can in principle get those benefits more easily by cooperating through international organizations...

Farmers on Welfare
The Making of Europe's Common Agricultural Policy
Ann-Christina L. Knudsen
In 2007 the farm subsidies of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy took over 40 percent of the entire EU budget. How did a sector of diminishing social and economic importance manage to maintain such political prominence? The conventional...

Protectors of Privacy
Regulating Personal Data in the Global Economy
Abraham L. Newman
From credit-card purchases to electronic fingerprints, the amount of personal data available to government and business is growing exponentially. All industrial societies face the problem of how to regulate this vast world of information, but...

The Hidden Costs of Clean Election Reform
Frederic Charles Schaffer
Schaffer reveals how tinkering with the electoral process, even with the best of intentions, can easily damage democratic ideals.

Humanitarianism in Question
Politics, Power, Ethics
Years of tremendous growth in response to complex emergencies have left a mark on the humanitarian sector. Various matters that once seemed settled are now subjects of intense debate. What is humanitarianism? Is it limited to the provision of relief...

Independent Diplomat
Dispatches from an Unaccountable Elite
Carne Ross
Ross reveals that many of the assumptions that we hold about the diplomatic corps are wrong. He argues passionately and persuasively that the institutions of contemporary diplomacy—foreign ministries, the UN, the EU, and the like—often exclude those they most affect.

The Politics of Piracy
Intellectual Property in Contemporary China
Andrew C. Mertha
China is by far the world's leading producer of pirated goods—from films and books to clothing, from consumer electronics to aircraft parts. As China becomes a full participant in the international economy, its inability to enforce...

Havens in a Storm
The Struggle for Global Tax Regulation
J. C. Sharman
Small states have learned in recent decades that capital accumulates where taxes are low; as a result, tax havens have increasingly competed for the attention of international investors with tax and regulatory concessions. Economically...

Wages of Crime
Black Markets, Illegal Finance, and the Underworld Economy
R.T. Naylor
Wages of Crime takes the reader into the shadowy underworld of modern criminal business—arms trafficking, gold smuggling, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

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