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After the Peace
Loyalist Paramilitaries in Post-Accord Northern Ireland
Carolyn Gallaher
After the Peace brings the story of Loyalist paramilitaries up to date and sheds light on the residual violence that persists in the post-accord...

The Best System Money Can Buy
Corruption in the European Union
Carolyn M. Warner
Provides a framework for understanding the persistence of corruption in the Western states of the European Union.

Cultures of Confinement
A History of the Prison in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Prisons are on the increase from the United States to China, as ever-larger proportions of humanity find themselves behind bars. While prisons now span the world, we know little about their history in global perspective. Rather than interpreting...

Dishonest Dollars
The Dynamics of White-Collar Crime
Terry L. Leap
In an environment where corporate scandals fill the headlines and ethics courses have suddenly become standard fare in business schools, Terry Leap offers welcome insights into and useful ways of thinking about a critical problem that permeates...

Policing Paris
The Origins of Modern Immigration Control between the Wars
Clifford D. Rosenberg
The surveillance of immigrants and potential terrorists preoccupies leaders throughout the industrialized world. Yet these concerns are hardly new. Policing Paris examines a critical moment in the history of immigration control and...

The Truce
Lessons from an L.A. Gang War
Karen Umemoto, Karen Nora Umemoto
This ethnography of a gang war in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Oakwood, just blocks from the famed Venice Beach boardwalk, provides a rare eyewitness account of the urban violence pervasive in the recent history of the United States. With...

Blood on the Snow
The Killing of Olof Palme
Jan Bondeson, julia Bondeson
An investigative account of the still-unsolved assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, a major figure in world politics and an ardent opponent of apartheid, shot dead on the streets of Stockholm in February...

Wages of Crime
Black Markets, Illegal Finance, and the Underworld Economy
R.T. Naylor
Wages of Crime takes the reader into the shadowy underworld of modern criminal business—arms trafficking, gold smuggling, money laundering, and terrorist financing.

Corruption and Market in Contemporary China
Yan Sun
Is corruption an inevitable part of the transition to a free-market economy? Yan Sun here examines the ways in which market reforms in the People's Republic of China have shaped corruption since 1978 and how corruption has in turn shaped...

The Impact of World War II on Policing in North-West Europe
This book focuses on the impact of World War II on policing in Belgium, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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