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When the Hands Are Many
Community Organization and Social Change in Rural Haiti
Jennie M. Smith
In an ethnography that challenges standard approaches to understanding the poor and disempowered, Jennie M. Smith's descriptions of peasant activity change what constitutes a democratic society. Through their civil institutions and...

Capital Flows and Financial Crises
Capital flows to the developing economies have long displayed a boom-and-bust pattern. Rarely has the cycle turned as abruptly as it did in the 1990s, however: surges in lending were followed by the Mexican peso crisis of 1994-95 and the...

The Paradox of Continental Production
National Investment Policies in North America
Barbara Jenkins
The Paradox of Continental Production will be stimulating reading for policymakers, political economists, and other observers of Canadian, Mexican, and U.S...

Ideas and Institutions
Developmentalism in Brazil and Argentina
Kathryn Sikkink
Sikkink traces the effects of one enormously influential set of ideas, developmentalism, on the two largest economies in Latin America, Brazil and Argentina.

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