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The Book of the Pharaohs
Pascal Vernus, Jean Yoyotte
The Book of the Pharaohs is an encyclopedia made up of short essays on the pharaohs themselves, as well as on places, dynasties, personages, subjects, and themes relating to the kings and their rule.

Beyond the Myth
Michel Chauveau
Cleopatra: kohl and vipers, barges and thrones, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. We have long been schooled in the myth of the Egyptian ruler. In his new book Michel Chauveau brings us a picture of her firmly based in reality. Cleopatra...

The Secret Lore of Egypt
Its Impact on the West
Erik Hornung
Alchemy, astrology, and other secret sciences have Egyptian roots, and films, popular fiction, and comic books frequently draw upon Egyptian themes. Rosicrucianism, Mormonism, and Afrocentrism all share Egyptian-derived elements. Modern-day esoteric...

The Gods of Egypt
Claude Traunecker
The Gods of Egypt, first published in France in 1992 and now in its third French edition, is a short, elegant, and highly accessible survey of ancient Egyptian religion. The clarity and brevity of Claude Traunecker's book make it especially valuable...

The Search for God in Ancient Egypt
Jan Assmann
First English-language edition, with revisions and additions by the author. This classic work by one of the world's most distinguished Egyptologists was first published in German in 1984. The Search for God in Ancient Egypt offers a distillation of...

The Priests of Ancient Egypt
Serge Sauneron
Using as his sources the Egyptian texts and the testimony of classical authors, Serge Sauneron illuminates the role of the priesthood in Ancient Egypt.

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt
Scenes from Private Tombs in New Kingdom Thebes
Sigrid Hodel-Hoenes
This stunning volume is a rarity among Ancient Egyptian art books in being devoted not to remains of royalty but to the tombs of private peopleā€”it is the first book in English on this subject. Sigrid Hodel-Hoenes leads us on an expedition to the...

Egypt in the Age of Cleopatra
History and Society under the Ptolemies
Michel Chauveau
Few other civilizations rival Ancient Egypt in its power to capture the modern imagination, and Cleopatra VII, monarch at the end of the Ptolemaic period, has always been preeminent among its cast of characters. Coming to power just before the...

Akhenaten and the Religion of Light
Erik Hornung
Akhenaten, also known as Amenhotep IV, was king of Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty and reigned from 1375 to 1358 B.C. E. Called the "religious revolutionary," he is the earliest known creator of a new religion. The cult he founded broke with...

Sacred Luxuries
Fragrance, Aromatherapy, and Cosmetics in Ancient Egypt
Lise Manniche
The art of modern fragrance-making owes much to practices developed in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians attached great importance to perfumes and cosmetics, which men and women wore to make themselves attractive and alluring, to restore vitality and good...

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