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Mastering Information through the Ages
Alex Wright
Spanning disciplines from evolutionary theory and cultural anthropology to the history of books, libraries, and computer science, Alex Wright weaves an intriguing narrative about pre-computer age information explosions.

Enabling Interaction and Quality
Beyond the Hanseatic League—8th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems, Bergen, May 11–13, 2006
This proceedings book illustrates the tremendous evolution, driven by the revolutionary ICT-developments of the 90's.

Proceedings of the International Symposium Science and Engineering Libraries for the 21st Century
The long-established experience of librarians as organizers of information and as facilitators of the access to this organised knowledge collection has already proven to be of immeasurable value for the use of all kinds of digital information sources.

Close Reading New Media
Analyzing Electronic Literature
Jan Van Looy, Jan Baetens
Close Reading New Media is the first publication to apply the method of close analysis to new media. Since the early nineteen-nineties, electronic art and literature have continually gained importance in artistic and academic circles. Significant...

Reading Matters
Narrative in the New Media Ecology
Reading Matters covers the range of contemporary literature, from the canonical novels of high modernism and postmodernism through subjects new to the academic agenda, such as cyberpunk and hypertext...

Interfaces of the Word
Studies in the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture
Walter J. Ong
Walter J. Ong explores the effects on consciousness of the word as it moves through oral to written to print and electronic culture.

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