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Framing a Vision of the World
Essays in Philosophy, Science, and Religion
A. Cloots
Since for Jan Van der Veken our vision of the world, and especially the placing of God and religion in it, has been the basic concern in all his work and thought, this problem is also at the core of this volume.

Omne Agens Agit Sibi Simile
A "Repetition" of Scholastic Metaphysics
Ph. Rosemann
The principle, "omne agens agit sibi simile," (every agent causes something similar to itself), is fundamental to Scholastic metaphysics, and especially natural theology.

Kant's Moral Religion
Allen W. Wood
Kant's Moral Religion argues that Kant's doctrine of religious belief if consistent with his best critical thinking and, in fact, that the "moral arguments"—along with the faith they justify—are an integral part of Kant's critical thinking.

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