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Berkeley's Thought
George S. Pappas, George Sotiros Pappas
In this highly original account of Bishop George Berkeley's epistemological and metaphysical theories, George S. Pappas seeks to determine precisely what doctrines the philosopher held and what arguments he put forward to support them...

Literary Theory and the Claims of History
Postmodernism, Objectivity, Multicultural Politics
Satya Mohanty, Satya P. Mohanty
At the core of postmodern thought, especially in literary theory, is the belief that such ideals as truth, reason, and objectivity are social constructs that have no universal or trans-historical validity. In exploring this constructivist view...

A Realist Conception of Truth
William P. Alston
One of the most important Anglo-American philosophers of our time here joins the current philosophical debate about the nature of truth. William P. Alston formulates and defends a realist conception of truth, which he calls alethic realism...

Real Knowing
New Versions of the Coherence Theory
Linda Martin Alcoff, Linda Martín Alcoff
"Real" knowing always involves a political dimension, Linda Martín Alcoff suggests. But this does not mean we need to give up realism or the possibility of truth. Recent work in continental philosophy insists on the influence that power and...

The Reliability of Sense Perception
William P. Alston
Why suppose that sense perception is an accurate source of information about the physcial environment? More generally, is it possible to demonstrate that our basic ways of forming beliefs are reliable? In this book, a leading analytic philosopher confronts this classic problem through detailed investigation of sense perception, the source of...

Omne Agens Agit Sibi Simile
A "Repetition" of Scholastic Metaphysics
Ph. Rosemann
The principle, "omne agens agit sibi simile," (every agent causes something similar to itself), is fundamental to Scholastic metaphysics, and especially natural theology.

Material Beings
Peter van Van Inwagen
According to Peter van Inwagen, visible inanimate objects do not, strictly speaking, exist. In defending this controversial thesis, he offers fresh insights on such topics as personal identity, commonsense belief, existence over time, the phenomenon...

Allegories of America
Narratives, Metaphysics, Politics
Frederick M. Dolan
Allegories of America offers a bold idea of what, in terms of political theory, it means to be American. Beginning with the question What do we want from a theory of politics? Dolan explores the metaphysics of American-ness and stops along the way to reflect on John Winthrop, the Constitution, 1950s behavioralist social science, James Merrill...

Perceiving God
The Epistemology of Religious Experience
William P. Alston
A clear and provocative account of the epistemology of religious experience.

What Can She Know?
Feminist Theory and the Construction of Knowledge
Lorraine Code
In this lively and accessible book Lorraine Code addresses one of the most controversial questions in contemporary theory of knowledge, a question of fundamental concern for feminist theory as well: Is the sex of the knower...

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