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Mammals of the Eastern United States
John O. Whitaker, William J. Hamilton
"The authors have done a superb job of distilling a vast amount of information on the biology of the terrestrial mammals of the eastern United States in a style that will not only satisfy the expert's need for accurate data but will also appeal to...

The Natural History of the Wild Cats
Andrew Kitchener
Everyone is familiar with the big cats—the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar—members of the genus Panthera. The smaller cats—members of the genus Felis—are less familiar. This absorbing book, considered "a comprehensive survey" by David Quammen...

Female Choices
Sexual Behavior of Female Primates
Meredith F. Small, Meredith F.. Small

Biology of the Largest Marsupials
Terence J. Dawson
Kangaroos may be the strangest of mammals - not so much because they keep their babies in pouches and lok like a cross between a giant rat and a deer - but because they alone among the large vertebrates can hop. This appealing natural history by an...

Mammals of the South-West Pacific and Moluccan Islands
Tim F. Flannery
Tim Flannery draws together the results of his five-year field survey and literature review on the mammals of an area extending from the islands just east of Sulawesi in the Moluccas, to the Cook Islands in the central South Pacific, north to...

Nutritional Ecology of the Ruminant
Peter J. van Van Soest
This monumental text-reference places in clear persepctive the importance of nutritional assessments to the ecology and biology of ruminants and other nonruminant herbivorous mammals. Now extensively revised and significantly expanded, it reflects...

A Handbooks to the Breeds of the World
Valerie Porter
Far beyond providing meat, fertilizer, and leather, the pig has played an essential role in the evolution of many different cultures. The ability - or inability - of a culture to domesticate the pig has been a crucial factor in the development of its...

Asdell's Patterns of Mammalian Reproduction
A Compendium of Species-Specific Data
Virginia Hayssen, Ari Tienhoven, Ans Tienhoven
Since the appearance of the second edition of Sydney A. Asdell's widely used Patterns of Mammalian Reproduction in 1964, the field of reproductive physiology has expanded dramatically. Accordingly, this revision adopts a different structure from...

The Natural History of Deer
Rory Putman
Among the most widespread and abundant of the world's larger mammals, deer have been a source of endless fascination for humans beings. Yet over the centuries we have hunted them for sport and for their meat, hides, and antlers, and pursued them as...

The Carnivores
R.F. Ewer
"A masterful synthesis of anatomy, physiology, and behavior into a coherent exposition on the ways these highly specialized mammals make their living. . . . The book is a tremendous addition to the biologist's bookshelf and a 'must' for those who...

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