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Living Weapons
Biological Warfare and International Security
Gregory D. Koblentz
Gregory D. Koblentz provides a comprehensive analysis of the unique challenges that biological weapons pose for international security.

Hierarchy in International Relations
David A. Lake
International relations are generally understood as a realm of anarchy in which countries lack any superior authority and interact within a Hobbesian state of nature. In Hierarchy in International Relations, David A. Lake challenges this traditional...

The Power Problem
How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, Less Prosperous, and Less Free
Christopher A. Preble
Preble explores the aims, costs, and limitations of the use of this nation's military power and argues that the possession of vast military strength runs contrary to the original intent of the Founders--and serves to undermine the country.

Rebels without Borders
Transnational Insurgencies in World Politics
Idean Salehyan
Salehyan examines transnational rebel organizations in civil conflicts, utilizing cross-national datasets and case studies: Nicaraguan Contra bases in Honduras and Costa Rica; the Rwandan civil war's impact on Congo; and the Kurdish PKK.

Fortifying China
The Struggle to Build a Modern Defense Economy
Tai Ming Cheung
Fortifying China explores the titanic struggle to turn China into an aspiring world-class military technological power.

China's Ascent
Power, Security, and the Future of International Politics
This book offers multiple analytical perspectives—constructivist, liberal, neorealist—on the significance of the many dimensions of China's regional and global influence and considers the likelihood of conflict or peaceful accommodation.

Blue Helmets and Black Markets
The Business of Survival in the Siege of Sarajevo
Peter Andreas
A major contribution to our understanding of contemporary urban warfare, war economies, and the political repercussions of humanitarian...

Sorry States
Apologies in International Politics
Jennifer Lind
Looking at Japan and Germany Lind demonstrates that denials of past atrocities fuel distrust and limit international reconciliation and argues that a country's acknowledgment of past misdeeds is essential for promoting trust and reconciliation after war.

Securing Japan
Tokyo's Grand Strategy and the Future of East Asia
Richard J. Samuels
The definitive assessment of Japanese security policy and its implications for the future of East Asia.

Just Politics
Human Rights and the Foreign Policy of Great Powers
C. William Walldorf
Walldorf argues that Western governments can and must integrate human rights into their foreign policies. Failure to take humanitarian concerns into account, he contends, will only damage their long-term strategic objectives.

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