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Biology of the Domestic Pig
An invaluable resource for animal scientists, veterinarians, and biomedical researchers, this book shows that in the past twenty years, the knowledge base about the physiology and biology of the pig has grown phenomenally. This is because of the...

Parasites of North American Freshwater Fishes
Glenn L. Hoffman
"A remarkable accomplishment. . . . [This volume] has been and will continue to be a major force advancing freshwater fish parasitology."—Ernest H. Williams Jr., from the Foreword This thoroughly revised and updated edition of a classic reference...

A Handbooks to the Breeds of the World
Valerie Porter
Far beyond providing meat, fertilizer, and leather, the pig has played an essential role in the evolution of many different cultures. The ability - or inability - of a culture to domesticate the pig has been a crucial factor in the development of its...

Asdell's Patterns of Mammalian Reproduction
A Compendium of Species-Specific Data
Virginia Hayssen, Ari Tienhoven, Ans Tienhoven
Since the appearance of the second edition of Sydney A. Asdell's widely used Patterns of Mammalian Reproduction in 1964, the field of reproductive physiology has expanded dramatically. Accordingly, this revision adopts a different structure from...

Hagan and Bruner's Microbiology and Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals
John F. Timoney, James A. Gillespie, Fredric W. Scott, Jeffrey E. Barlough

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