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Raja Yudhisthira
Kingship in Epic Mahabharata
Kevin McGrath
In Raja Yudhisthira, Kevin McGrath brings his comprehensive literary, ethnographic, and analytical knowledge of the epic Mahabharata to bear on the representation of kingship in the poem.

Indonesia Journal
April 2016

Producing Indonesia
The State of the Field of Indonesian Studies
Leading scholars of Indonesia reflect on the β€œarc of our field,” the development of Indonesian studies, considering what has been achieved and what still needs to be accomplished.

The "Kim Van Kieu" of Nguyen Du (1765–1820)
Nguyen Du
The first English-language translation of a defining masterpiece of Vietnamese literature.

Cultures at War
The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia
The Cold War in Southeast Asia was a many-faceted conflict, driven by regional historical imperatives as much as by the contest between global superpowers. The essays in this book offer the most detailed and probing examination to date of the cultural...

Indonesia Journal
October 1998

Javanese Literature in Surakarta Manuscripts
Introduction and Manuscripts of the Karaton Surakarta
Nancy K. Florida
Annotated bibliography of Javanese manuscripts housed in the Reksa Pustaka library in Surakarta.

Studies on Vietnamese Language and Literature
A Preliminary Bibliography
Nguyen Dinh Tham
This work contains over 2,500 entries to guide students and scholars interested in the languages and literature of Vietnam. The books, monographs, and journal articles considered are those written in the Western languages (especially French and...

Indonesia Journal
October 1990

Reading Southeast Asia
In this collection, Japanese scholars examine the literature of and about Southeast Asia and its relationship to culture, history, and...

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