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Rigorism of Truth
"Moses the Egyptian" and Other Writings on Freud and Arendt
Hans Blumenberg

Universalism and Liberation
Italian Catholic Culture and the Idea of International Community, 1963–1978
Jacopo Cellini

The Military Enlightenment
War and Culture in the French Empire from Louis XIV to Napoleon
Christy Pichichero

Sexual Politics and Feminist Science
Women Sexologists in Germany, 1900-1933
Kirsten Leng

A Class of Their Own
The Dusseldorf School of Photography
Maren Polte

My Life in a Fascist Militia
Alessandro Orsini

Over the Horizon
Time, Uncertainty, and the Rise of Great Powers
David M. Edelstein

A Colonial Affair
Commerce, Conversion, and Scandal in French India
Danna Agmon

Bodies Beyond Borders
Moving Anatomies, 1750–1950

Where Three Worlds Met
Sicily in the Early Medieval Mediterranean
Sarah Davis-Secord
In Where Three Worlds Met, Sarah Davis-Secord investigates Sicily's place within the religious, diplomatic, military, commercial, and intellectual networks of the Mediterranean by tracing the patterns of travel, trade, and communication among Christians (Latin and Greek), Muslims, and Jews.

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