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A Khmer Village in Cambodia
May Mayko Ebihara

No Path Home
Humanitarian Camps and the Grief of Displacement
Elizabeth C. Dunn

Sex, Love, and Migration
Postsocialism, Modernity, and Intimacy from Istanbul to the Arctic
Alexia Bloch

Working the System
A Political Ethnography of the New Angola
Jon Schubert

India and the Patent Wars
Pharmaceuticals in the New Intellectual Property Regime
Murphy Halliburton

Chasing the American Dream in a Rural Trailer Park
Sonya Salamon, Katherine MacTavish

Hearing Allah's Call
Preaching and Performance in Indonesian Islam
Julian Millie

Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness
Political Exile and Re-education in Mao's China
Ning Wang

A Moral Technology
Electrification as Political Ritual in New Delhi
Leo Coleman
In A Moral Technology, the grids and wires of an urban public utility are revealed to be not only material goods but also objects of intense moral concern. Leo Coleman offers a distinctive anthropological approach to electrification in New Delhi as more than just an economic or industrial process.

Selling Hope and College
Merit, Markets, and Recruitment in an Unranked School
Alex Posecznick
Posecznick documents what it takes to keep a "mediocre" college open and running, and the struggles, tensions, and battles that members of the community tangle with daily as they carefully walk the line between empowering marginalized students and exploiting them. 

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