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Reckoning with the Imagination
Wittgenstein and the Aesthetics of Literary Experience
Charles Altieri
Charles Altieri argues for a reconsideration of the Kantian tradition of Idealist ethics, which he believes can restore much of the power of the arguments for the role of aesthetics in...

Henry Staten, University of Washington

"Charles Altieri has long been our most philosophical, and yet most impassioned, critic and theorist of poetry, for whom lyric poems are heroic 'acts of mind' that criticize illusion and empower the reader 'to will what the intellect sees,' while yet marrying this activity to 'lively affective intensities.' In this new book, he shows, with the assistance of Wittgenstein, how notions like imagination, feeling, attunement, and appreciation can be given a viable, post-Romantic sense adequate to... cont'd

The Aesthetic Function of Art
Gary Iseminger
How can we understand art and its impact? Gary Iseminger argues that the function of the practice of art and the informal institution of the artworld is to promote aesthetic communication. He concludes that the fundamental criteria for evaluating...

The Aesthetic Relation
Gérard Genette
One of the best-known continental theorists writing today, Gérard Genette here explores our aesthetic relation to works of art. Through an analysis of the views of thinkers ranging from David Hume and Immanuel Kant to Monroe C. Beardsley, Arthur...

Aim Duelle Luski and Horizontal Photography
Ariella Azoulay
This book is the product of a unique collaboration between the Israeli artist and philosopher Aim Deuelle Luski and Ariella Azoulay.

The History of an Idea
Leon Rosenstein
The notion of retrieving a bit of the past-by owning a material piece of it-has always appealed to humans. Often our most prized possessions are those that have had a long history before they came into our hands. Part of the pleasure we gain from the...

Ape to Apollo
Aesthetics and the Idea of Race in the 18th Century
David Bindman
Ape to Apollo is the first book to follow the development in the eighteenth century of the idea of race as it shaped and was shaped by the idea of aesthetics. Twelve full-color illustrations and sixty-five black-and-white illustrations from...

Art as Language
Wittgenstein, Meaning, and Aesthetic Theory
Garry L. Hagberg, G. L. Hagberg
Art as Language systematically considers the implications of the pervasive belief that art is a language or functions like...

Artifice and Design
Art and Technology in Human Experience
Barry Allen
An intriguing book about the aesthetics of technological objects and the relationship between technical and artistic accomplishment.

Artistic Experimentation in Music
An Anthology
The book critically examines experimentation in music of different historical eras. It is essential reading for performers, composers, teachers, and others wanting to inform themselves of the issues and the current debates in the new field of artistic research as applied to music.

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