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Introductory Food Chemistry
John W. Brady
Authored by one of the leading scholars in the field, Introductory Food Chemistry deploys the most current understanding of the relationship between molecular structure and function for food proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

Xtra Strong/Light Composites
L. Pil, I. Verpoest

Philosophy of Chemistry
Between the Manifest and the Scientific Image
Jaap van Brakel
This book addresses themes in the newly emerging discipline of philosophy of chemistry, in particular issues in connection with discussions in general philosophy of science on natural kinds, reduction and ceteris paribus laws.

Scaling Concepts in Polymer Physics
Pierre-Gilles Gennes
The first stage of the physics of long, flexible chains was pioneered by eminent scientists such as Debye, Kuhn, Kramers, and Flory, who formulated the basic ideas. In recent years, because of the availability of new experimental and theoretical...

The Nature of the Chemical Bond
An Introduction to Modern Structural Chemistry
Linus Pauling

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