From Silence to Voice

From Silence to Voice

What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public, Second Edition
Foreword by Patricia Benner

Winner of the 2006 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award (History and Public Policy)

Winner of the 2006 Golden Lamp Award for Best Media on How Nurses Present Themselves to the Public

From Silence to Voice helps nurses explain their critical work to the public. This revised and freshly redesigned edition has been updated to address the most urgent issues and controversies in nursing. The second edition includes a new chapter that teaches nurses the pitfalls to avoid—and themes, issues, and evidence to include—when they construct stories about their work. Throughout, the authors include more information for nurse managers that will help them encourage and educate the nurses they supervise to end their silence. The second edition also features a revised chapter on nursing research and interactive exercises that will help nurses, educators, and managers put communication theory into practice.

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The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work


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Social Science : Education
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