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Women's Work and Chicano Families
Cannery Workers of the Santa Clara Valley
Patricia Zavella

Ancient Greek Architects at Work
Problems of Structure and Design
J.J. Coulton

Thai Writing (Workbook)
AUA Language Center
With separate workbooks for reading practice and writing practice, these texts are useful tools for learning the Thai language. The reading section contains appendices on the history of the language while the writing section contains many practice...

Work in France
Representations, Meaning, Organization, and Practice

Chinese Working-Class Lives
Getting by in Taiwan
Hill Gates

Work Engendered
Toward a New History of American Labor
In tobacco fields, auto and radio factories, cigarmakers' tenements, textile mills, print shops, insurance companies, restaurants, and bars, notions of masculinity and femininity have helped shape the development of work and the working class. The...

Sunbelt Working Mothers
Reconciling Family and Factory
Louise Lamphere, Patricia Zavella, Felipe Gonzales

Workshop to Office
Two Generations of Italian Women in New York City, 1900-1950
Miriam Cohen
Cohen examines shifting patterns in the family roles, work lives, and schooling of two generations of Italian-American women, paying particular attention to the importance of these women's pragmatic daily choices.

Gender and Racial Inequality at Work
The Sources and Consequences of Job Segregation
Donald Tomaskovic-Devey

The New American Workplace
Transforming Work Systems in the United States
Eileen Appelbaum, Rosemary Batt

Pharaoh's Workers
The Villagers of Deir el Medina
Pharaoh's Workers focuses on the archaeological site at Deir el Medina on the west bank of the Nile at Luxor. The workers who prepared the royal tombs and lived there in what has been called "the earliest known artists' colony" left a rich store of...

Making Workers Soviet
Power, Class, and Identity
This book examines the shifting identity of the "working class" in late tsarist and early Soviet societies.

Working from the Margins
Voices of Mothers in Poverty
Virginia E. Schein
Virginia E. Schein shatters the stereotype of mothers on welfare. The women she interviewed in cities, towns, and rural areas talked to her about their deep committment to the children they are raising in poverty, about the abuse they have endured...

Transforming Women's Work
New England Lives in the Industrial Revolution
Thomas Dublin
Dublin provides a broad account of women's work during the industrial transformation of America, testing the typicality of the factory experience against other forms of female employment.

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