The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management

The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management

Harnessing Data to Improve Guest Service and Enhance the Employee Experience

The Next Frontier of Restaurant Management brings together the latest research in hospitality studies to offer students, hospitality executives, and restaurant managers and trainers the best practices for restaurant success. Alex M. Susskind and Mark Maynard draw on their experiences as, respectively, a restaurant profession and a hospitality educator, to guide readers through cutting-edge articles that address specific aspects of restaurant management:
Developing and upholding service standards
Successfully navigating guest complaints
Creating a desirable (and profitable) ambiance
Harnessing technology to improve guest experience
Mentoring employees

Maynard and Susskind detail how to implement effective customer management and staff training, design elements such as seating and lighting, the innovative use of data to improve the guest experience, and both consumer-oriented and operation-based technologies. They concluding with a discussion of the human factor that is the foundation of the hospitality industry and the importance of a healthy workplace culture. As Susskind and Maynard show, good restaurants don't happen by accident.

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