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Parties and Politics in America
Clinton Lawrence Rossiter

Politics and the Arts
Letter to M. D'Alembert on the Theatre
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
This excellent translation makes available a classic work central to one of the most interesting controversies of the eighteenth century: the quarrel between Rousseau and Voltaire. Besides containing some of the most sensitive literary criticism ever...

The Politics of Race in New York
The Struggle for Black Suffrage in the Civil War Era
Phyllis F. Field
Black suffrage was a crucial and volatile issue in the North during the Civil War era. In The Politics of Race in New York, Phyllis F. Field studies the development of racial policies in the Empire State.

Revivalism, Social Conscience, and Community in the Burned-Over District
The Trial of Rhoda Bement
Glenn C. Altschuler, Jan M. Saltzgaber
The transcript of a disciplinary trial that took place at the First Presbyterian Church in Seneca Fall, New York, in 1843, over Rhonda Bement's challenge to her church's stance on abolitionism.

The New Science of Giambattista Vico
Unabridged Translation of the Third Edition (1744) with the addition of "Practic of the New Science"
Giambattista Vico
A pioneering treatise that aroused great controversy when it was first published in 1725, Vico's "New Science" is acknowledged today to be one of the few works of authentic genius in the history of social theory.

The Science Question in Feminism
Sandra Harding
Can science, steeped in Western, masculine, bourgeois endeavors, nevertheless be used for emancipatory ends? In this major contribution to the debate over the role gender plays in the scientific enterprise, Sandra Harding pursues that question...

Politics in Hard Times
Comparative Responses to International Economic Crises
Peter Alexis Gourevitch

The Politics of Size
Representation in the United States, 1776–1850
Rosemarie Zagarri
Using concepts of historical geography, Rosemarie Zagarri examines how Americans' notions about space influenced the writing of the U.S. Constitution and the shaping of the nation's political institutions.

History, Politics, and the Novel
Dominick LaCapra
"The quality of this work is so high that it will challenge and reward even readers whose critical presuppositions diverge from those which LaCapra represents so provocatively."—Richard Terdiman, University of California, Santa Cruz "LaCapra here...

Industry and Politics in West Germany
Toward the Third Republic

News and Politics in the Age of Revolution
Jean Luzac's "Gazette de Leyde"
Jeremy D. Popkin
Jeremy D. Popkin's book is the first comprehensive examination of the European news industry during the era of the American and French Revolutions. He focuses on the Gazette de Leyde, the period's newspaper of record, and constructs a detailed picture of the "media market" of which it was a part.

Whose Science? Whose Knowledge?
Thinking from Women's Lives
Sandra Harding
Sandra Harding here develops further the themes first addressed in her widely influential book, The Science Question in Feminism, and conducts a compelling analysis of feminist theories on the philosophical problem of how we know what we...

Vico's Science of Imagination
Donald Phillip Verene
A full interpretation of Giambattista Vico's thought, based primarily on his major work, the New Science, and on his earlier Latin writings.

Feminist Theory, Women's Writing
Laurie A. Finke
In this rewarding book, Laurie A. Finke challenges assumptions about gender, the self, and the text which underlie fundamental constructs of contemporary feminist theory. She maintains that some of the key concepts structuring feminist literary criticism need to be reexamined within both their historical context and the larger framework of...

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