Woody Plants of the Northern Forest

Woody Plants of the Northern Forest

A Photographic Guide

Jerry Jenkins

Wildlife Conservation Society Adirondack Program
Jerry Jenkins is a researcher for the Wildlife Conservation Society and author of Acid Rain in the Adirondacks: An Environmental History, also from Cornell, and The Adirondack Atlas: A Geographic Portrait of the Adirondack Park. Bill McKibben is the author of books including The End of Nature.

Prize Winner of the 2003 Book Award for Best Single Author Work in Popular Culture Study (Popular Culture Association)

Climate Change in the Adirondacks
The Path to Sustainability
Jerry Jenkins
Although global in scale, the impact of climate change will be felt at the local level. Refocusing our attention away from the ice shelves disintegrating in the Antarctic, the flooding of Pacific islands, and carbon inventories measured in billions of...

Acid Rain in the Adirondacks
An Environmental History
Jerry Jenkins, Karen Roy, Charles T. Driscoll, Christopher Buerkett
Acid rain has changed the face of the Adirondacks, created political tensions between the Northeast and the Midwest, and served as both a harbinger of global climate change and a "fire drill" for public- and private-sector responses to environmental...

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