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Without Foundations
Justification in Political Theory
Donald J. Herzog
Can political theorists justify their ideas? Do sound political theories need foundations? What constitutes a well-justified argument in political discourse? Don Herzog attempts to answer these questions by investigating the ways in which major theorists in the Anglo-American political tradition have justified their views. Making use of a wide...

Accommodation without Assimilation
Sikh Immigrants in an American High School
Margaret Gibson
A holistic portrait which reveals why Sikh high school students, despite language barriers, prejudice, and significant cultural differences, often outperform their majority peers and other United States minority groups.

With Stalin against Tito
Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism
Ivo Banac

Japanese Relations with Vietnam, 1951–1987
Masaya Shiraishi
A chronological overview from the end of World War II to 1990. This work gives a broad analysis of the major changes, strategies, and situations that helped shape diplomatic and economic relations between the two...

Intellectual Property and US Relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand
Elisabeth Uphoff
Uphoff studies negotiations between the United States and Southeast Asian nations concerning intellectual property protection. She analyzes case studies showing how each of the ASEAN governments responded to American pressure to honor copyrights and...

Consorting with Saints
Prayer for the Dead in Early Medieval France
Megan McLaughlin
In this book, Megan McLaughlin explores the social and cultural significance of prayer for the dead in the West Frankish realm from the late eighth century through the end of the eleventh century. She argues that the primary function of funerary and...

Reading with Feeling
The Aesthetics of Appreciation
Susan L. Feagin

Conversing with Angels and Ancients
Literary Myths of Medieval Ireland
Joseph Falaky Nagy
How does a written literature come into being within an oral culture, and how does such a literature achieve and maintain its authority? Joseph Falaky Nagy addresses those issues in his wide-ranging reading of the medieval literature of Ireland, from...

Living with the Adirondack Forest
Local Perspectives on Land-Use Conflicts
Catherine Henshaw Knott
"While locals are inherently integral to land use decisions, their story is seldom coherently placed within the context of competing interests. Knott effectively places local perspectives in the Adirondack land use conflict to illustrate the need for...

Reenchantment without Supernaturalism
A Process Philosophy of Religion
David Ray Griffin
The process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne has made many distinctive contributions to the philosophy of religion. David Ray Griffin now offers the first full-scale philosophy of religion written from this perspective...

Vouchers within Reason
A Child-Centered Approach to Education Reform
James G. Dwyer
Observing the storm of recent debates around school vouchers, James G. Dwyer concludes that the welfare of children has been routinely subordinated to the interests and supposed rights of various groups of adults—parents, teachers, taxpayers, and...

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