A Small Nation in the Turmoil of the Second World War

A Small Nation in the Turmoil of the Second World War

Money, Finance and Occupation (Belgium, its Enemies, its Friends, 1939–1945)
Herman Van der Wee, Monique Verbreyt
Studies in Social and Economic History, Volume 35

Based on intensive research in the archives of six countries, this book presents an in-depth analysis of Belgium's monetary and financial history during World War II. Exploring Belgium's financial and business links with Germany, France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the authors focus on the roles played in this complex wartime network by the Central Bank and private bankers in Brussels, by the Belgian government in exile in London, and by the Belgian minister plenipotentiary in New York.

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Studies in Social and Economic History


Social Science : Business, Economics, and Finance
History : History / Europe
History : History / Military

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