Unsayable Music

Unsayable Music

Six Reflections on Musical Semiotics, Electroacoustic and Digital Music

Unsayable Music presents theoretical, critical and analytical reflections on key topics of contemporary music—including acoustic, electroacoustic, and digital music—and audiovisual and multimedia composition. Six essays by Paulo C. Chagas approach music from different perspectives such as philosophy, sociology, cybernetics, musical semiotics, media, and critical studies.

Chagas's practical experience, both as a composer of contemporary music and sound director of the Electronic Music Studio of Cologne, nourishes his observations on the specific creativity that emerges with the use of the technical apparatus, the development of the electronic music studio, the different aesthetics of electroacoustic music, and the forms of audiovisual and multimedia composition.

The title Unsayable Music is a reference to Wittgenstein, who suggested that sound is only the surface of music and that the musical work conceals something more profound that can hardly be described by philosophical models or scientific theories.

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