'In the Seven Woods' and 'The Green Helmet and Other Poems'

"In the Seven Woods" and "The Green Helmet and Other Poems"

Manuscript Materials
Edited by David Holdeman

This volume presents the surviving manuscripts, typescripts, and early printed texts for all of the poems W. B. Yeats included at one time or another in two remarkably significant and protean collections: In the Seven Woods, first published in 1903, and The Green Helmet and Other Poems, first published in 1910. It also documents the extant early record for seven poems Yeats wrote between 1899 and 1914 but either never published or never attached to one of his plays or collections of poems.

During this crucial period in his career, Yeats transformed himself from a talented late-Victorian aesthete to a major modernist poet. The photographs and transcriptions provided here reveal much about how this remarkable change occurred. They are accompanied by ample supporting materials, including a descriptive bibliography of the manuscripts and an extensive critical introduction.

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