The Versatile Image

The Versatile Image

Photography, Digital Technologies and the Internet

With the advent of digital technologies and the Internet, photography can, at last, fulfill its promise and forgotten potential as both a versatile medium and an adaptable creative practice. This multidisciplinary volume provides new insights into the shifting cultures affecting the production, collection, use, and circulation of photographic images on the Web. International contributors from across the arts and humanities consider fundamental concepts that are associated with the practical applications of convergent technologies and media, focusing on the role of digital and mobile cultures and image-making in the everyday life of citizens and their experience of today’s hypervisual digital universe, while exploring how contemporary artists creatively interact with such new photographic contexts. Accompanied by a specially commissioned photo-essay, the volume is an important new resource for photographers, artists, and curators as well as academics.

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Art : Art, Architecture, and Photography
Science : Computer Science and Information Studies

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