Changing Enemies

Changing Enemies

The Defeat and Regeneration of Germany
Noel Gilroy Annan
"Changing Enemies is one of the last accounts we shall have by a witness to some of the high-level decision making during the war and its immediate aftermath. . . . Lord Annan's book valuably points to the contribution to German democracy that was distinctively British."—Michael R. Beschloss, New York Times Book Review

"In this crackling tale, former British intelligence officer Annan offers an insider's view of the military espionage that helped the Allies win the war against Hitler. . . . He vividly describes power struggles among the Allied forces occupying Germany, his work in guiding post-Nazi Germany toward multi-party democracy, [and] his friendship with Konrad Adenauer."—Publishers Weekly

"A graceful and crystal style like Noel Annan's, all but absent from most contemporary political and historical literature, is enough to awaken an American reader's slumbering literary Anglophilia."—David Mehegan, Boston Globe

"One of the best books ever written about military intelligence during World War II." —William Roger Louis, University of Texas, and Fellow of St. Antony's College, Oxford

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