The Concept of Style

The Concept of Style

Edited by Berel Lang
A ground-breaking attempt at a prolegomenon to the study of style, this collection brings together eleven essays by distinguished philosophers, literary theorists, art historians, and musicologists, all addressing the role played by style in the arts and literature.

Berel Lang

The Future of the Holocaust
Between History and Memory
Berel Lang
In The Future of the Holocaust, Berel Lang continues his inquiry into the causal mechanisms of decision-making and conduct in Nazi Germany and into responses to the genocide by individuals and nations—an inquiry that he began in Act and Idea in the...

Heidegger's Silence
Berel Lang
In What Is Called Thinking, Martin Heidegger wrote, "Man speaks by being silent." Berel Lang demonstrates that Heidegger's own silence spoke consciously and deliberately in response to what has been called the "Jewish Question." Posed simply, the...

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Aesthetics and Theory of Art
Jean-François Lyotard


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