Palaeolithic Living Sites in Upper and Middle Egypt

Palaeolithic Living Sites in Upper and Middle Egypt

The field research and associated laboratory analyses reported in this volume represent more than 24 years of investigation in Upper and Middle Egypt by the Belgian Middle Egypt Prehistoric Project of Leuven University. During the course of these years, the project excavated 29 sites with clear evidence of living surfaces. "Palaeolithic living sites in Upper and Middle Egypt" serves to present the results of these investigations, which span in time from the oldest known human presence in the Egyptian Nile valley, estimated to be some 400,000 years ago, to the Epipalaeolithic era, approximately 6,000 years ago. The excavation data of the sites are illustrated by numerous plans, profiles and artefact drawings. Thus, work reported herein spans the known Palaeolithic era of the Egyptian Nile valley.

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