Southeast Asian Studies

Southeast Asian Studies


In these two monographs, first presented as part of the Frank H. Golay Memorial Lecture series sponsored by the Southeast Asia Program at Cornell University, Craig J. Reynolds and Ruth McVey each review Southeast Asian Studies as an academic enterprise and offer their proposals for adapting and revitalizing the academy's approach to Southeast Asia in particular and area studies generally.

Ruth McVey

Southeast Asian Capitalists
Ruth McVey, Ruth T. McVey
This collection of essays explores the origins and roles of Southeast Asian business groups, especially as they developed during the 1970s and 1980s. An important contribution to studies of ethnic Chinese entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia. Includes...


Making Indonesia
Dedicated to George McT. Kahin, this collection examines the genesis and evolution of the modern Indonesian nation-state. Essay topics range from the nation's imaginative conception to the Suharto government's political and financial...