Belgian Archaeology in a European Setting

Belgian Archaeology in a European Setting

Edited by Marc Lodewijckx

This book is the first volume in a two-volume account of archaeological practice in Belgium in the the context of Europe.

Belgian archaeology has witnessed a remarkable evolution in recent years. Because of economic growth, the number of players has likewise increased, with provinces, communities and, albeit still hesitantly, even some archaeological firms becoming more active. More than ever a systematical approach, proper laws, a clear task division and an appropriate circulation of information have become vital for an efficient monitoring of the heritage. Archaeological problems regularly transgress frontiers asking for European solutions for many of the challenges.

If there is one person in Belgium who is to be acknowledged for guiding us to take this road to Europe, it certainly is Prof. Dr. em. Joseph (Jef) Mertens. Since the nineteen fifties, he has been the embodiment of Belgian archaeology, renowned along both sides of the Belgian language frontier, but also far abroad. With an enormous background of practical experience, he taught several courses in European archaeology, ranging from prehistoric to industrial archaeology. He succeeded in passing on his passion for the study of the past in a witty and personal manner.

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