Jean van Havre (Joannes Havraeus)

Jean van Havre (Joannes Havraeus)

La citadelle de la vertu ou La véritable tranquillité de l'âme/Arx virtutis sive De vera animi tranquillitate
Jean van Havre
Edited by Stéphane Mercier

In French and Latin.

After a long career in the Ghent administration under the reign of the Archdukes, Jean van Havre (1551–1625) made his contribution to the field of literature with a triple satire in which he stigmatized vices and eulogized the virtues leading to 'La citadelle de la vertu'. After the original publication in 1621, van Havre revised and extended the book but it was his Antwerp friend Gaspard Gevaerts who took care of the definitive edition of the text published by Plantin-Moretus in 1627 after van Havre's sudden death. The moral satires of van Havre and his eulogy to his contemporary Burgundius are here introduced and translated for the first time, and compared to the original published text. An appendix dedicated to the correspondence between van Havre and Gevaerts closes this volume.

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