Companion to Neo-Latin Studies

Companion to Neo-Latin Studies

Literary, Linguistic, Philological and Editorial Questions

First published in two parts in 1977, the first edition of the Companion to Neo-Latin Studies appeared, filling a long-felt lacuna in the study of Neo-Latin literature. Both parts were subsequently revised to take into account to the explosive growth of Neo-Latin studies in the last decades.

Part II of the Companion to Neo-Latin Studies addresses all the relevant literary forms and genres of Neo-Latin literature; their characteristics and evolution are described and bibliographical aids have been added; the method is descriptive rather than theoretical. Also included are linguistic, philological and editorial questions, discussing the features of Neo-Latin vocabulary, syntax, style, prosody and metre, old and modern editions, and other issues. A historical survey of Neo-Latin studies concludes Part II. Several indexes facilitate access to the varied contents of the work.

Together, the two parts of the Companion form an indispensable and up-to-date introduction to the immense and still largely growing field of Neo-Latin literature.

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