Curating the European University

Curating the European University

Exposition and Public Debate

The university is an institution that goes back to the Middle Ages. As universitas magistrorum et scholarium, the university was a community of scholars and students gathered around books and preoccupied with study and the search for truth. What is the role of the university today? The meanings of teaching, study, and research have changed. Screens are replacing books, online learning environments are replacing lecture halls, and students are becoming learners.

In the context of a growing emphasis on innovation and development, competition among institutions, and the privatization of knowledge, the role of communities of scholars and students is changing. Some argue that the university is entering a new phase; others claim that we face the end of the university. Curating the European University features projects involving new ways of publishing, alternative organizations of departments, proposals for open access and open source, and university architecture and accessibility; it offers a unique contribution to the public debate on the role of the university.

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