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The Jeffersonian Persuasion
Evolution of a Party Ideology
Lance Banning
This revisionary study offers a convincing new interpretation of Jeffersonian Republican thought in the 1790s. Based on extensive research in the newspapers and political pamphlets of the decade as well as the public and private writings of party...

The Practice of Persuasion
Paradox and Power in Art History
Keith P.F. Moxey
This sequel to The Practice of Theory stresses the continued need for self-reflective awareness in art historical writing. Offering a series of meditations on the discipline of art history in the context of contemporary critical theory, Moxey...

Protection by Persuasion
International Cooperation in the Refugee Regime
Alexander Betts
Protection by Persuasion makes clear that refugee protection is a global concern, most effectively addressed when geographic realities are overridden by the perception of interdependence.

Populist Collaborators
The Ilchinhoe and the Japanese Colonization of Korea, 1896–1910
Yumi Moon
A new history of Korea's Ilchinhoe (Advance in Unity Society), a social and political reform organization whose members ardently embraced Japanese imperialism in Korea and its "civilizing" mission.

The Populist Persuasion
An American History
Michael Kazin
In The Populist Persuasion, the distinguished historian Michael Kazin guides readers through the expressions of conflict between powerful elites and "the people" that have run through our civic life, filling it with discord and meaning from the birth of the United States until the present day. Kazin argues persuasively that the power of...

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