Time and Photography

Time and Photography

Photography is fundamentally a time-based medium. The relationships between photography and time are manifold: snapshots are "slices of time," time can be directly represented within the image, time can be photography's theme and philosophical horizon, photographic practices develop and change across time. This book brings together the various aspect of time in photography and of photography in time. Its chapters focus on seminal authors (including Fox Talbot, Victor Burgin, and Robert Morris) and genres (spirit photography, montage photobooks, and tableau photography), with examples ranging from the very first photographic pictures to the most recent uses of photography in and outside art.

Given the multifaceted dimensions of the notion of time, the book fosters an interdisciplinary approach, gathering essays by historians of photography as well as by authors with a critical or philosophical background. It shows how some interpretations of photography are indebted to fields that have a great expertise in analyzing time, such as narratology and literature. Written by international specialists for a nonspecialist audience and displaying extraordinary breadth and erudition, this book reshapes our vision of photography, time, culture, and art.

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