Essays on and around Freeman Etudes, Fontana Mix, Aria

metaCage investigates the musical practice of John Cage in four essays written by current ORCiM fellows. Three works serve as threads that link the contributions. A CD containing performances by the ORCiM Fellows of these works is included with the volume. The essays embrace both compositional practice, as viewed by musicologically oriented performers Juan Parra Cancino and Mieko Kanno, and Cage's aesthetic framework, explored by practice-based musicologists Magnus Andersson and William Brooks.

Juan Parra Cancino

Dynamics of Constraints
Essays on Notation, Editing, and Performance
Juan Parra Cancino, Paulo de de Assis, Mieko Kanno
Three essays express some fundamental issues addressed by ORCiM's research group focusing on the musician's relation to notation.

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