Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism

Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism

Dynamics in the West and in the Middle East

Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism focuses on Islamic thinking, activism, and politics in both the West and the Middle East. The reader will apprehend that Islam is not the monolithic religion so often depicted in the media. The Islamic world is more than a uniform civilization with a set of petrified religious prescriptions and an outdated view on political and social organization. The contributions show the dynamics of "Islam at work" in different geographical and social contexts. By treating Islamic thinking and Islamic activism on a practical level, Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism includes innovative research and fills a significant gap in existing work.

Contributors: Erkan Toguslu (KU Leuven), Thierry Limpens (KU Leuven), Eric Geoffroy (University of Strasbourg), Jonathan Benthall (UCL, London) Thomas Michel (Georgetown University), Egbert Harmsen (Leiden University), Ihsan Yilmaz (Fatih University), Emilio Platti (KU Leuven), Roel Meijer (Radboud University)

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Religion : Islam
Political Science : Political Science / Africa and the Middle East
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