Land of Women

Land of Women

Tales of Sex and Gender from Early Ireland
  • Winner of the 1997 Byron Caldwell Smith Award (Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas) - Cowinner of the James S. Donnelly, Sr., Prize for History and the Social Sciences (American Conference for Irish Studies)
"This book disperses the shadows in an obscure but important landscape. Lisa Bitel addresses both the history of women in early Ireland and the history of myth, legend, and superstition which surrounded them. It is a powerful and exact book and an invaluable addition to our expanding sense of Ireland through the eyes of Irish women."—Eavan Boland, author of In a Time of Violence: Poems

"It is refreshing to read in a book by a woman on medieval women that not all clerics hated women and that not all men were oversexed villains consciously bent on exploiting women. [Bitel] challenges not only the medieval Irish male construct of female behavior, but she is also courageous enough to question constructs of medieval women invented by modern Irish medieval historians."—Times Higher Education Supplement

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Social Science : Gender and Sexuality Studies
History : History / Britain and Ireland
Interdisciplinary Studies : Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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