Album of a Scientific World

The University of Louvain around 1900

Around 1900 the Louvain photographer Edouard Morren made a unique photo report of the university buildings. The 78 photographs were bound in a luxurious album, which is now preserved at the Louvain university archives. This new edition reproduces the numerous views of the most important sites of the university as well as photos of interiors that had never been documented before. A special focus is on the various laboratory facilities, that testify to the emerging scientific tradition of the university.

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Mark Derez

Mark Derez is Archivist at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.


Leuven University Library, 1425–2000
Sapientia aedificavit sibi domum
The Library reflects not only six centuries of University history, but also many chapters of European history and even world history in the last century.

The Celestine Priory at Leuven
From Monastery to Library
On the corner of the Croylaan and the Celestijnenlaan stands a red wall. An introverted building which does not immediately reveal its past is hidden behind the wall. Nevertheless, it has an extremely prestigious history.