The Black Flies (Simuliidae) of North America

The Black Flies (Simuliidae) of North America

Peter H. Adler, Douglas C. Currie, Monty Wood
Illustrated by Ralph M. Idema, Lawrence W. Zettler
  • Winner of th 2004 Single Volume Reference (Science) Book Award (Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division, Association of American Publishers) - Winner of the 2005 Thomas Say Award (Entomological Foundation)
A ROM Publication in Science A Comstock Book Published in association with the Royal Ontario Museum

There is much more to black flies than you can learn in the woods on a warm spring day. This book compiles the authors' previously unpublished research and nearly all of the published information on North American black flies. All aspects of black flies are treated within the context of a worldwide perspective, including natural history and ecology, cytology and morphology, phylogeny and classification, economic impact, pest management, natural enemies, history of research, study methods, and identification.

Each of the 254 species known from the continent north of Mexico, including 43 new species, is treated in detail. Each species account summarizes all pertinent information on taxonomy, morphology, cytology, physiology, molecular systematics, and bionomics. The book is copiously illustrated with more than 1,100 figures, including color drawings of larvae and adult thoraxes, by some of the world's foremost scientific illustrators. Additional figures and photographs show chromosomal and morphological features, portraits of important researchers, control efforts, natural enemies, oviposition behavior, and cladograms. Detailed distribution maps show the range of each species.

A Comstock Book published in Association with the Royal Ontario Museum

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